Monday, January 4, 2010

St. Clare Hospital - MRSA

My friend and mentor, Debi Rodriguez, was recently featured in the St. Clare Hospital newsletter. (Well, Debi doesn't say it's recent, she says it was "ages ago" but a Google Alert just brought it to my attention.) You may see the article here.

Why is this significant? Because Debi was the genesis of our MERCY line of anti-MRSA products. She did the efficacy testing in the lab to make sure we had the minimum effective levels of essential oils to totally kill the MRSA bacteria. I loved seeing the article. If they were to do another interview with Debi today she'd have a lot more "success stories" to share. Some of them have been shared on this blog.

And the pharmacies and "wellness" shops that we supply in Wisconsin can not keep our MERCY products on the shelf. They are in high demand.

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