Monday, April 19, 2010

Helichrysum Anecdotes

Anyone who has read our website knows that I think Helichrysum italicuum, from Corsica, is the *most* healing of essential oils.  Two recent from a client, one my personal experience.

This weekend I received the following Email, and was given permission to share:

Wanted to share a great story on Helichrysum 10% dilution!
I had some spider veins removed from my face recently. The doctor told 
me I would be bruised and swollen for two to six weeks.
She gave me an ice pack to use right after the procedure, but when I 
came home, I put on some of your Helichrysum 10% dilution.
I reapplied it that night and again the following night. (I have to 
admit I really don't like the smell!).  I never had any bruising at 
all....just a tiny bit of swelling that was barely noticeable. It has 
been several days now, and still not a hint of discoloration.
I had this same procedure done last year and was really bruised for at 
least a week. Should have thought to use the Helichrysum then!
Thanks so much for being one of my favorite companies!!
Annette Kohn-Lau
I love it when we amaze the doctors!!!!  And validation that our products really DO perform as expected is even better ;)  Annette's email made my evening!
Now... my personal experience... I am either the luckiest or the clumsiest woman in Tennessee...possibly both!
I was trying on some new clothes from Coldwater Creek's Outlet. And I was just recovering from yet another respiratory ailment that had left me a bit weak and shaky.  Somehow in trying on a new pair of jeans (Teal Blue and stunning!) I managed to 'off balance' myself and did a one point quote Forrest Gump, "on my left buttock."   Because I was busy messing with the jeans, it was truly a one point landing, no way to break my fall.   And remember, folks, my house is a "slab house"...sitting on a concrete slab.  Carpeting with padding, but it's still concrete.
OUCH.   I am truly blessed that I did *not* break a hip.  My bone density is dangerously low; I can't take the drugs that can improve that condition, and my Doctor has repeatedly warned me that I'm at high risk for broken bones.  So I was shaken, and grateful, and, after I picked myself (and those teal jeans) up off the floor, in a fair amount of pain.  I knew nothing was broken, but suspect I bruised the bone.  No bruise showing, but it HURT.  Hurt to sit down, hurt to get up, hurt to move the wrong way.  I drove to work (getting in and out of the car HURT.)  Discovered that my office chair was not nearly as comfortable as the chair at my  home office.  Asked T to blend up one fl ounce of our Arnica Massage Oil  with 3 ml of Helichrysum.   A strong dilution, but this was a serious bruise.
Forgot to apply the blend later in the day, but when I woke in the night with pain every time I rolled over, I got up and applied it to the problem area.  The pain relief of the blend, plus some SleepEase in my Aromastone, let me sleep soundly the rest of the night. The next morning I remembered to apply the blend before getting dressed.  I may (or not) have used it that evening but am fairly sure I didn't use it any longer.
Results?  Occasional pain for the next few days if I sat down or got up too abruptly, or moved just the wrong way.  Absolutely NO exterior bruising.

Yes, the Arnica Massage oil, with helichrysum added, is now permanently part of my home first aid kit.  And I am *much* more careful when trying on new clothes!


EponaRae said...

Hurrah, helicrysum! I am so glad that you were not more seriously injured. I will make up a bottle of that arnica-heli blend for us to keep around for the inevitable slips and crashes of life. I have had great results with H. italicum 10% in jojoba for rosacea.
By-the-by: I can recommend Jarrow Formulas' Bone Up cal-mag supplement for help with regaining lost bone--it features microcrystalline hydroxyapetite with important cofactors. Not just any old calcium will do. It is also a very good idea to take additional magnesium in either an ionic form (Pure Essence Ionic Magnesium Plus) or liquid derived from plants ( Flora/Salus Haus) and a couple thousand IUs of Vitamin D. You don't need Boniva or the troubles that come with Fosomax!

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Electronic Medical Records said...

Good that you are using the homely oils for the could have been worse.Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that despite your significant pain, there was no real damage! And a good thing that your oils are effective.

A very good blog, keep up the good work!

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