Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring in Tennessee

It's finally Springtime in middle Tennessee.  I have to admit, Tennessee does Spring better than anywhere else I have lived.  New England and New York excel in Autumn,  the Pacific Northwest excels at Summer, but Tennessee OWNS Spring.  Some shots from my yard, or my very brief commute to work:

A huge old apple tree stands by the walk from my door to my driveway.It yields no apples...just tiny little hard red things that look like rose hips. But standing under it, looking up at the March sky through the blossoms is a gift every morning and afternoon.

The young man who mowed my lawn also mowed the violets and dandelions.  The dandelions will be back; not sure about the violets.  (Violets thrive in the shade of the Apple tree.)

Bradford pears grow in stately rows almost everywhere:


And a neighbor's forsythia bush, flaunting its blooms in front of the ever present Bradford Pear:

Not everthing is gold...  

The first dogwood -

and cherry trees are at their height.

And soon the Iris will be blooming.

We do Spring well, here.