Friday, September 17, 2010

Caring for the Care Givers

Friends we've not met yet...  Laura is one of them.  We have been corresponding since at least 1998...she's been using our oils, and sharing her life and the healing work she does with us.  Laura is a massage therapist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner...a form of acupressure and energy work. And a Rose Lover.  When we first met she was living and working in Virginia...but like most transplanted New Englanders, she got home sick and found her way back to Eastern Massachusetts. 

Over the years she has probably bought some of every Rose specimen we've offered.  One of her first purchases was some Rose Absolute, back in the 90's...she loved it.  I remember when we were able to find some Rosa Alba in 2005 - Laura was the first to order.   A true Rose lover.

This week she seized the opportunity on the 15th to order a Rose Quartz Amulet for herself, and commented with the order: "Hi Marge! It's apple picking time up here in New England!
I also want you to know that my patients are benefitting from my use of your wonderful oils. I felt that I needed the rose quartz to extend the healing to myself. Love to you!"
I was struck by the 'extend the healing to myself"...  Laura is a healer by nature, and currently working in a Hospice...emotionally very draining work. We chatted some about Autumn in New England, and she added the comment "Really looking forward to my rose quartz--I have used rose oil for so long as a way to care for my heart, and I think the rose quartz will add something special."
And I've been pondering ever since the need for the healers and care givers to give themselves the care and nurturing that they give their patients.

And thinking how Rose is the oil for healing women's hearts, and spirits....and those who believe in the healing powers of gemstones say that Rose Quartz is the heart healer.

One strong suggestion, tho....if you are planning on putting a few drops of your favorite Rose in a Rose Quartz not use Rose Absolute.  Unlike distilled Rose Otto or Rosa Alba, Rose Absolute is deep rusty orange.  My pale pink Rose Quartz amulet has a permanent orange stain at the base. Quartz, unlike some other crystals, is absorbent.  

Laura's Rose Amulet is en route by I sit here writing, I wish I had thought to include a packet or two of our Rose Bliss favorite heart and soul healer.

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