Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept 11, 2001

Just listened to Alan Jackson's "where were you when the world stopped turning" and was thinking of that awful morning.  Nature's Gift still ran out of this little house...we were waiting for folks to show up for work.  Albert was home, still recuperating from the first round of Cancer. He was watching TV in the family room/computer room... I was putting more coffee on, in the kitchen...  "come here...a plane just hit the World Trade Center"... I went in and saw the coverage on NBC...    Rick got off the bus in front of my house just after the second plane hit...   We circled the TV...  Wolfie pulled into the drive just before the Pentagon crash... we sat in a tight circle, in front of the tv...not able to believe what we were watching.  I was at the computer...someone in New York... Mynou? was posting what was going on in her neighborhood... I remember calling RoseAnn... 

We called Annie, to see if she wanted to come she wanted to be alone.  My daughter called..she and Steph wanted a prayer circle, could they come over at lunch and pray with us all.

I called both my sons.  Both far from danger...but I think every parent needed to reach out to their children that morning.

Jen and Steph arrived, with some friends and coworkers...we left the TV 'cause not everyone could fit in this room... sat in a circle on the living room floor, held hands, prayed and cried. Prayers for those trapped in the buildings, those on the planes, the heroes trying to save lives, the families, just now learning that they had lost loved ones.  Prayers for our country, for courage and strength, and wisdom.

How ironic that the two men who shared that awful day with us, Rick, my oldest employee, and my Albert were both fated to leave us before a year was out.  

And today in the midsouth men who call themselves Christians are talking of continuing the hatred that caused that terrible day. 

I don't understand that kind of hatred.  I don't know of anyone who does.

I started this blog article with a link to a song... here's another one... Let There Be Peace On Earth.

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Myside said...

Marge, I just don't understand if the Christian extremists are acting out of manipulation or if that group, or other groups are just plain dense. This is my opinion - my jaw dropped reading about this nonsense, and I believe they are both dense, manipulated, and rather immature in true nature.