Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Gift of Happiness

... or the happiness of gifting ?

Was watching Oprah a couple of days ago. The theme of her show was Happiness. Various authorities spoke about what it is, and what it is not, how to achieve it, how not to.

I was struck by one comment - that a gift of "stuff" can not bring happiness. It may bring pleasure, but the pleasure from even the most extravagant new "thing" wears off and disappears in a few months, while a gift of "experience" can last forever. 

And I thought about all the memories from our trip to Colorado a couple of years ago - experiences that still make me smile two years later.

I started thinking about what we do here, and I realized that in so many cases, what we ship out every day truly are "experiences" rather than "things"...

True, they are packed in boxes and in bottles, jars, or atomizers, but you, the giver, can turn them from a "thing" to an experience.

Let someone enjoy the experience of a sensuous and soothing Bliss Bath,  of a Destressing massage. Let those who walk into your office experience the uplifting and welcoming aroma of Blood Orange, or of our BurnOut synergy.  They won't want to leave!

Give a little one the experience of conquering his or her fears with a spritz of "Monster Spray"...otherwise known as Lavender or Roman Chamomile Hydrosol, to banish the monsters under the bed or in the closet.

The proven links between aroma and memory guarantee that the aromatic experiences you create will be remembered long after the "products" are gone.  


Myside said...

I am almost obsessive in dreaming about obtaining tangible technology items, computer upgrades, phones, more and more and more. My passion is computer technologies.

As much as this is a very very strong love of my of mine, technology, I would give up every item I own with a circuit if it meant saving my Sandalwood collection - in which I use just a couple to a few drops a year. The enjoyment I get from this is more emotional than any item I could ever possibly have with a phone here, hard drive there. It is an emotion while breaking out a bottle after many months that can not be re-produced with money. Though Sandalwood is expensive, I have never thought about expense, or compared it to a monetary purchase, as it only needs to be considered at that time. No need to upgrade an already precious love.

Yes Marge, just a few drops a year. Gush of pure pleasure! :-D

Anonymous said...

Since your sandalwood gives you so much pleasure, why not just open a bottle and inhale its gorgeous fragrance whenever you feel like a small hit of beauty? that way you experience your love of this splendid oil many times without actually diminishing its volume

Marge said...

Find myself agreeing with anonymous ;)