Monday, January 24, 2011


stress is a plague on us in the 21st century. it's a word i seldom heard when i was growing up, and didn't hear too often in my young adult years. but now...

i won't stress readers by reminding them how many times a day we all hear reference to the condition of stress, nor will i add to the already overwhelming stress caused by dealing with our own stress and hearing about the stress of everyone else on the planet.

are you stressed yet?

what i would like to do is share with you a most delightful method of de-stressing.

sunday afternoon i was feeling trapped inside my skin. it was one of those times when you have no list but need one. i had worn paths on my hardwood floors going from room to room with this or that intention and all i had to show for it were the paths. the clock was ticking and i had barely touched on.........

i needed a long hot shower. i know 'they' say hot water's a no-no because of the drying effects, but friends, sometimes only a hot shower will do. i always shower by candlelight, and with good music if possible, so i set the stage, disrobed and entered into a state of bliss.

relief was immediate as the water ran down from head to toe. my knotted muscles began to relax. i wasn't clenching my teeth or fists anymore.

after allowing myself to splurge for several minutes with my water supply i pulled out my body brush and did an overall scrub with jasmine scented shower gel. jasmine isn't for everyone, i realize. personally i love it in small 'doses', but on this afternoon it was just right. jasmine scented steam swirled 'round me as i gently shampooed. i finished with a lavender scented face wash and patted down with fresh warm towels. aaaahhhhhh.

noodle-like was my physical state as i applied my after shower spritz of cleo's toner and did a leisurely face massage with drops of cleo's serum. my mental and emotional state? well... as i got dressed i was floating. i felt pampered and cared for. i felt calm, relaxed and alive. and i felt there was no such thing as--well, you know the word.

no, this is not a new idea; not a modern day technique for relieving stress. just good old fashioned sensuality serving it's purpose.

don't forget to nourish your sensual self. it's more important now than ever.

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