Wednesday, October 23, 2013


12 Days of Christmas Crafting: Revisited
Day 7 Giving the gift of Spiritual Oils and Blends.
By Christi R. Pugh
For Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy

Frankincense always momentarily takes me back to special services at the New Mexico Monastery that was my temporary home in 2003; smoke from the resin rising upward out of shiny censers, skillfully carried by monks and nuns.  Traditionally, resins have been used in many religious services throughout time.  Frankincense, Myrrh, AmberGris, & Rose are often associated with the sacred.  I would also add Spikenard to the list. 

For your more spiritually minded friends, we offer these and other sacred/spiritual oils, as well as the synergistic blends—Three Kings, Sacred, Meditation, Magdalene’s Anoint, and Tabernacle Anointing Oil, all perfect for gifting as packaged OR you may want to purchase extra bottles, pipettes, and create your own special labels and packaging with purpose and intention.  2 ml bottles or sample vials would work nicely and little organza bags in red or green are pretty and easy packaging.  If using the 2 ml bottles or sample vials, the mini-pipettes are more suited for transference. 

A word about our Ambergris, which is actually a synergistic blend, not the ultra rare and expensive Ambergris tincture, but we have tried to recapture the spirit of this essence in our unique blend of Benzoin, Vanilla, Rose, Vetiver and Clary Sage.  We find it very calming and centering and an excellent blend for meditation or prayer. 

We’ve gotten excellent feedback concerning our Rosa Alba (White Rose) oil for spiritual use from energetic healers and others in the healing realm.  Rose is traditionally helpful for grief and sorrow, touching the deepest parts of the soul.  The 10% dilution is quite potent and skin-safe as a wearable perfume. Our Rosy Dreams portable perfume is another thought for the Rose lovers in your life!

During our 12 Days of Christmas, save 20% on our Spiritual Synergies: Meditation, Sacred, and Three Kings, Magdalene’s Anoint, Tabernacle Anointing Oil, Ambergris or Rosy Dreams blend.
Simply enter craft7 and click apply in our online shopping cart.

We’ll be back tomorrow with ideas for making an all natural, moisturizing personalized liquid soap. 


Nicole Stine said...

Some of your holiday and Biblical blends look AMAZING! I can't wait to purchase them!!

Sandy B said...

My salts have arrived. Waiting for a weekend to start playing, and the jars are perfect!!