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12 Days of Christmas Crafting: Revisited
Day 12: Making a Personal Inhaler Blend
By Christi R. Pugh
For Nature’s Gift Inc.

Small but mighty, our personal inhalers can be a very handy and thoughtful gift.  Often overlooked, these small purse sized inhalers may be filled with any single oil or oil blend for purposes ranging from uplifting, stress relief, sinuses, and allergies, to immune building, and any other condition aided by inhalation.  These work particularly well when you don’t want to “wear” a scent but need its benefits for a particular purpose.

If you’ve never noticed the inhalers on the bottles and jars page or if you’ve been a little intimidated to try them, I assure you, they are beginner level friendly, and very easy to prepare.  In fact, we include easy step by step instructions for preparing the oil and filling the vessel with each inhaler, whether the "AromaStick" (think “Vicks”) or deluxe (think lovely lipstick case).  I personally keep an inhaler soaked with Blue Tansy near me at all times due to my many allergies.  It acts more quickly than taking medicine if I suddenly find myself in need.

Ideas for filling inhalers:

  • Sinease for Sinus problems and Headaches
  • Lavender for relaxation or sleep
  • Flu Foil synergy or Ravensara for anti-viral purposes
  • Blue Tansy for allergies
  • Rose for uplifting
  • Manuka as an antibacterial
  • Sacred or Tabernacle for meditation or prayer
  • Reunité or Neroli for anxiety attacks
  • Winter “bug” blends
  • Focus, Spearmint or Peppermint for a quick pick me up

  • Happy Morning Synergy for morning sickness and nausea
I also like to travel with a Flu Foil or Ravensara inhaler, just in case it is needed. 

The plastic "AromaStick" inhalers have a few parts to assemble.  Soak the wick in essential oil or blend OR add a bit of Jojoba carrier oil to make the aroma last for a longer period of time.  The white plastic inhalers may be discarded after use, particularly once the scent runs out or if you have been using them during an illness. 

For the deluxe inhalers we offer are two types.  One is “changeable” and may be opened so the empty glass vial can be filled with either wisps of cotton or sea salt (for “smelling salts” and then soaked in a similar fashion to the above directions.  The other is sealed, comes with a cotton core, and comes with a mini pipette to moisten the wick through the holes in the grid above the cotton.  This is best if you plan to use and re-use with a specific scent, say Neroli 10% or Reunite for anxiety.  (Marge uses one with our Deep Breath Synergy to help with her COPD.) These are available in a variety of colors, sure to please. They are 3 1/8 inches long.  To order and for further information see:

Thank you for sharing our aromatic Christmas Crafting journey over the past 12 days!  We trust we’ve shared helpful information through these blog posts which will inspire creativity! Prepare now for theHolidays…Christmas is less than 2 months away!  As always we welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas.  Happy Crafting! 

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