Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MERCY for UTI's???

Over the past few years several clients have emailed us with stories of success treating and preventing Urinary Tract Infections using our MERCY Body Wash. 

Brenda R. has been a client for years. She is caregiver to her elderly parents, and wrote earlier this week about the same issue. She graciously gave me permission to quote her:


Thanks for all of your help and information regarding your products. I have to tell you about our experience with your Mercy soap. My mother has a foley catheter and frequent  uti's because of this. She has been using the Mercy soap daily on the perineal area and on the beginning of the foley tube and it has dramatically reduced her uti's. She is so happy as that has dramatically reduced her antibiotic use. We will never be without it and today received our order of two more bottles!!

I am busy filling inhalers and getting a winter routine lined up for her and so enjoyed Christi's blog especially on "Giving the Gift of Health". I know how your products have positively influenced the health of my family. Thanks again.


Brenda R.
I've had other wheelchair bound clients write with the same results, as well as caregivers in nursing homes etc.  

I mentioned this result to the nurse who sparked the original MERCY products. Her reply? "It must be effective against E-coli!"  We are going to have to do some lab work on that when time allows.  However, for now, if you or a loved one is plagued by frequent UTI's, washing with our MERCY Body Wash shouldn't hurt, and might help!.  

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