Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Giving Back

Three seemingly unrelated stories...the apparent commonality is only the cast of characters...

My best and longest (as opposed to oldest) friend has an amazingly talented, beautiful daughter.  Jodie, as well as being beautiful is a gifted Poet.  She is an actress, has been taking part in local theater since she was in high school.  She takes part in poetry readings in Washington and Oregon. Her work is - amazing.  She is one of those rare people who has been able to take the struggles and pains of her life and transmit them into something marvelous.

Well over 20 years ago, when my now best and longest friend was a new acquaintance, my daughter achieved a special achievement, and was to be presented a small trophy, symbol of a major triumph.  When the time came for the award to be was not to be found. There were none. And from the back of the room, came my friend...who had received the same award a few months earlier.  And she gave hers to my daughter. 

(I told you these seem unrelated!)

In perhaps 1999 or 2000, I was asked to speak at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild's second gathering, in Minnesota.  The topic was to be Essential Oil Safety.   I was honored and excited, and terrified.  See, "public speaking" was not something I did.  If I had to stand up and speak in front of half a dozen people, my knees shook, my voice quavered, I had a lump in my throat that could choke anyone, and I was close to tears.  There would be perhaps 200 people at the gathering.  I wanted to decline, but, I had to do it. Nature's Gift needed the publicity and the validation.

We make a blend called Reunité.  Soothing Neroli, grounding Vetiver, and several other oils. I designed it for myself, to deal with anxiety.  

At Nature's Gift we have always tried to offer aromatherapy jewelry.  Amphoras or miniature perfume bottles - wearable aromatherapy. At the turn of the century we offered the creations of a talented artist who has since stopped working with glass.   I had an amphora that she had created.  Malachite colored, like the stone pictured to the right, on a black linen cord.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.  I wore it to the conference, filled with Reunité.  During the presentation immediately prior to mine, I sat in the audience, holding the necklace, and inhaling the aromas of Neroli, Vetiver, and the other oils.  The other presentation finished; I was introduced.

And I went to the podium and spoke to that audience as though I had been addressing huge gatherings for years.  My passion for the oils, and for their appropriate and safe use took over.  There was no fear; no trembling, no quavering. Reunité worked its wonders, and I was able to do what I was there for.

Fast forward over a decade.

I recently found out that my dear Jodie suffers from paralyzing anxiety.  She said she's suffered from excruciating stage fright for years, and is performing less and less because of it.

I messaged her that I had something that could help, and planned to send her some Reunité Anointing oil.   And then I remembered my amphora, that hasn't been worn for a long long time.  And new what needed to go in the box.   The Malachite Amphora, some undiluted Reunité, a pipette to fill the amphora, and perhaps some Reunité Anoint for when she can't wear the Amphora.

And now, 20 years after my best friend gave my daughter a wonderful gift, I get to give a gift to her daughter.  Freedom from fear...freedom to do what she is here to do. 
I love the way these separate threads form such a lovely braid.



Marsha said...

I was at that soap guild gathering and heard you speak. You seemed like a natural and I know I was impressed. What a great story/journey. There are no coincidences.

Marge said...

Oh wow... thank you. it WAS the very first time EVER I had spoken in public about the oils. yes...there are no coincidences. Jodie's mom's journey and my daughter's have been intertwined in a lot of ways... and to have the circle rounded by being able to share something important to me with Jodie was...a gift.