Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Athlete's Foot

Last week Charlie asked, "So. Since moving to Chattanooga I'm staying in a hotel while house hunting. After two days I noticed a blister on my big toe and figured it was my new shoes. Well now after four days and a trip to urgent care it's basically athlete's foot. Which I should have known because it used to happen all the time when I was a dancer/figure skater. What would be best for supporting the healing of this?"

Our answer?  

"First thing that comes to mind, Charlie is Tea Tree.. but there are others that we discussed in class. I am going to have to research and get back to you, ok? I know it's been discussed in both classes, but I can't recall the answers.

But, in passing.. when talking about the needed dilutions for wound healing (10% btw) Robert Tisserand mentioned that Sandalwood (did nor reference the species, could be spicatum.. you HAVE album) at 10% is effective for tinea.   And tinea = Athlete's foot."

Charlie wrote back, "Perfect! I'll experiment. I have a sample of the spicatum co2. I'm guessing the distilled would be ideal but we'll see what happens"

"Another thought.. a gel base will increase absorption into the skin.. something you want in this case... so you could use a tad less of your precious S'wood.. or tea tree... (the EO doesn't blend well with the gel, so seeks out fat cells in the body to bond with)"

 In a follow up, Charlie said, "The foot looks great! No more pain, swelling. Blisters are gone. Just some dry scaly skin. I'm still applying nightly. At least for a week....It's amazing! The oils are so much faster acting than products I have used in the past! I've ended up with a blend of sandalwood, tea tree, Frank frereana, and English lavender. I'm making it my nightly foot massage for a few weeks."

Another aromatic success story!

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