Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Good Dreams Spray"

We love feedback that shows we make a difference. And sometimes we share (with permission) because someone else out there may have the same problem.

Email that came in yesterday.  And of course I asked permission:

"A while back you recommended Neroli Hydrosol for my daughter who struggles with anxiety due to her high-functioning autism and night time sleep issues.  I must say, I ADORE YOU!!!!!  My daughter and I recite a sweet little poem together each night after stories, and while doing so I spray the Neroli Hydrosol around her bed.  She calls it the "Good Dream Spray".

Marge, I cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and helpfulness enough!  When I reached out to you months back asking for your recommendations for my daughter's anxiety, I had no clue that ONE BOTTLE of Neroli Hydrosol would mean SO MUCH to our little family!  If my daughter wakes at night from a bad dream I instantly grab the spray and she is calm and soothed.  

When she worries about her Daddy, who is changing careers and becoming a police officer, she writes down her worries, places them in her "Worry Box" and then I spray her with the amazing Neroli Hydrosol.

THANK YOU for having something SO SIMPLE that has made SUCH a difference in our days.

 And I am reminded of when Debby G's daughter graduated from nursery school to "the big school" and had butterflies in her tummy during the drive to school each morning. Just anxiety about all the changes, and what might happen.  I suggested the Neroli Hydrosol...  and it became the little girl's "Butterfly Spray" because it took away the butterflies in her tummy.

Our new bookkeeper, Cindi, has a rescued brindle Boxer,  "the Harley Man" who had a difficult background, and suffers from severe separation anxiety.  A splash of the hydrosol in his water bowl seems to keep him a bit calmer.  I've suggested she start spritzing her hands and wiping him, head to tail, with them, or that she try the same thing with a highly diluted Neroli essential oil.  Haven't heard back about either experiment, though.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. I love hearing things like this. have blessed so many lives with your warm and caring knowledge.It is no surprise that so many love and appreciate you. You are the epitome of a person who cares about each and every customer as though they are family. I love you Marge...I love Natures Gift! Thank you for all you do from your heart!