Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Favorite Things - Skincare

Tiffany Troop asks, " Marge, can you share some of your favorite essential or fixed oils for facial care? "

Marge: Oh.. this gets complicated... and is SO subjective...

Remember I'm OLD...and for most of my life did not take care of my skin... there were always other things to do. Still are!

But... favorites...

First, the fixed oils...    And this can vary season to season. In the summer I can't stand a heavy oil... want something light... in the winter, can go a bit richer... so...

For a basic oil my favorite MIGHT be Apricot Kernel. I love how it feels.. pure and simple. The times I decide (for a little while) to do "oil cleansing" that's what I use. It's not one of the luxury oils...light, absorbs quickly.. nice all round body oil.  

For luxury:  Argan...Squalane.. LOVE squalane, esp. in the winter...   that's one I wouldn't want to do without. Avocado is a bit too rich and heavy for my taste. I like the Kalahari Melon oil occasionally. (I tend to switch off.. try this for a few days, then that...)   I like the feel of Rice Bran oil but have mixed emotions about a solvent extracted carrier.   Shea Nut oil is lovely... I can't do shea butter on a regular basis, but the Shea Nut is delightful.

What I REALLY like for skincare are the CO2 extracted fixed oils: Borage, Evening Prim.. Chia
Seed.. Pomegranate...  the list goes on. They somehow just bring more to my skin than the cold pressed equivalents. This is one of the reasons we developed Cleo's Serum... so we could pack all the CO2's as we fell in love with them into one skincare product.  Based on response... it seems to be working.

Essential oils for skincare...Remember, I developed Cleo's Secret, so that should tell you something about the oils I want for skincare. Frankincense, Rose, Myrrh, Carrot Seed is a MUST for mature skin...but you need something you love to hide the aroma. That's just the way it is... and that's where rose and frankincense come in.

Do you know we have a full page of suggested oils for various skin types and skin "issues"??? 

Hope that answers your question!

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Karolyn chang said...

Love this post! Thank you and also thank you for introducing me to squalene!!!