Monday, June 27, 2016


Monday’s with Marge returns tonight at 8:00 CDT, as Marge entertains your aromatherapy questions live on our Facebook page.  Be sure to post your question under the MWM graphic…in advance today is fine, too, as long as it is underneath the MWM graphic so we don’t miss it.

Apparently not a fan of Neroli, Doyle asked a question concerning anxiety and aromatherapy. (it is a
more feminine aroma!)
Doyle:  "Not including Neroli, which oil is best for anxiety?"  (This tickled Christi because she is also not a Neroli fan & has spent years trying to find its equal without success.)
Marge: “That is a trick question, because NOTHING is as effective as Neroli... even a drop at a low dilution can work wonders. However, my CCAP course teaches that Petitgrain can substitute. This is not my experience, but it is what my teacher teaches. Neroli is more effective. SOME of the citrus oils can have an anti-anxiety effect. Blood Orange is anti-depressant. No, not the same thing, but might be helpful. Bergamot can be uplifting emotionally and spiritually. Some of the grounding wood and root oils can help one keep "present" emotionally and mentally, and this can help counter anxiety. We use Vetiver, (with Neroli!) in Reunite'—our anti-anxiety blend. You might try Atlas or Himalayan Cedarwood or Sandalwood, even Frankincense. But… there TRULY is no substitute for the Neroli. I'm sorry.”

For purposes of the blog, Christi adds: “My original intention in creating the Relax Synergy was as an alternative to Reunite, which everyone raves about.  Since Reunite’ just wasn’t the blend for me, I went to work on something completely different aromatically, but with similar uses.  Keep in mind, Relax was yet unnamed.  This was total experimentation! Relax includes Fragonia™, Green Mandarine, & Lavender Mailette.  I shared it with friends and family for purposes of anxiety.  It helped with anxiety alright…too much as it turns out, because feedback taught me the blend was overly relaxing and causing those who tested it out to fall asleep!  (not good when driving) If I were trying something, I would look to Reunite’ Anointing oil or even Neroli Hydrosol, probably, first.  But if you know you aren’t a Neroli fan, then try some of Marge’s other suggestions.  And if you have anxiety and some valuable nap time available, give Relax Synergy a go!”

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