Thursday, July 28, 2016

Leg Cramps?

Tiffany asked, "Every so often, I get a horrible leg or foot cramp in the middle of the night, yuck I hate them they're so painful! I've blended Coriander CO2, Gymnocephalum Heli and Lavandin Super diluted in a carrier oil that seems to be working well but I am wondering if you have a favorite fix for this problem? Thank you!"

Marge: "Yes!   and it's two fold, one is aromatherapy, the other is not.

First,  I had mentioned being awakened with leg cramps almost every night, and Dannie Lane, of AromaTherapeutics  Medicinal Aromatherapy and Massage, in Georgia,  suggested that I take Magnesium Oxide tablets at bedtime.  I do this... 500 mg per night. (The first time I tried them I got.. was it Magnesium Citrate? I don't recommend that, does bad things for your digestion!.)  At any rate, I take those nightly.  (Some people recommend epsom salt baths, but those just dry my skin too much, leave it parched so, no. Not for me.)  

The Aromatherapy Solution that works for me is our That's Better blend.   A base of Arnica infused oil, with Helichrysum and Kunzea added. I don't apply this routinely but if I am awakened by a cramp. Seems to release the cramp immediately. Later I thought, hmmm...  Sweet Marjoram is an anti-spasmodic, I bet that would help.  And it would. Except that I then discovered that Sweet Marjoram is one of the oils that I can't use topically.   BUT, I also learned that Sweet Marjoram CO2 in my aromastone seems to prevent leg cramps on evenings that I *should* have them...too much exercise, too many trips over the stairs, etc.

So.. if you are just starting out looking for remedies, I would FIRST start with the Arnica Infusion, as
Sweet Marjoram CO2
my carrier oil, and add some Sweet Marjoram CO2 or essential oil..  OR get our That's Better and add some Sweet Marjoram to that.  Diffusing a bit of the Sweet Marjoram wouldn't hurt either.

Hope this helps!

(and I would not have thought of either the Coriander CO2 or the Heli Gymno for this.. I tend to use that heli for respiratory problems.   And I had FORGOTTEN that Coriander is an anti-spasmodic.. would be a good one to try, or to use to 'swap out" the Sweet Marjoram, or vice versa.  (Y'all know I don't like to use the same EO for weeks in a row.)

Another suggestion shared by my Yoga instructor. I tried this last evening (or, rather, very early this morning!) and it worked for me.  When the cramp strikes, pinch the cartilage between your nostrils between your thumb and index finger, HARD.  I was skeptical.  The Charlie Horse went away very quickly.  WOW.  Faster than applying That's Better.  

Hope some of these help.  (And I'm going to take home a sample of Coriander CO2 and try diffusing it this evening, as an alternative to my Sweet Marjoram.)

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