Friday, July 8, 2016


Another Monday's with Marge query:

Aneah asked, "In a previous answer, you indicated that Geranium and Calophylum were great for nerve pain, but I haven't been able to find any references to the Geranium specifically in the literature I have. What is your experience - pretty please - with this combo and in what ratio, and possibly with what other oils? Thanks :)

"Okay... there is a published research study showing the use of Geranium oil for post-herpetic neuropathy. (post shingles) it was referenced in my CCAP course and I remember seeing it in a literature source.Finding it, of course, is a challenge.

There is a patent: for diagnosis and treatment..using geranium oil. (The patent of a method for distinguishing post herpetic neuralgia from other types of nerve pain) I have seen research...but just like you... I'm not finding it..

Wondering if I saw a citation in the ABC newsletter? They sometimes have snippets that I share...  and don't always remember to archive... at any rate... the research (and this is why I KNOW I read it!) was "dose dependent" they tried different dilutions of Geranium oil applied topically.. all the way up to using neat EO. The success rate/pain relief seemed to be dose dependent. And the study was specifically "post herpetic neuropathy."

Well.. I'm not happy with the idea of using neat oils on a regular basis... and I remembered a very small handful of clients had reported that the calophyllum helped ease "post shingles" pain...

So,  several times, when friends have come to me for neuropathy, either cause unknown OR post shingles, and asked for suggestions, I suggested this combination. Most recently was a friend who has been battling some really debilitating and mysterious medical conditions, and was suddenly "STRUCK" with neuropathy... agonzing neuropathy, out of nowhere. I suggested she try a 25% dilution... (remember the research used NEAT!).. she was shocked. She is a well trained Aromatherapist who would NEVER recommend that strong a dilution. I suggested she patch test it.. and then TRY it... and..she was amazed at the results. After the first few days our plan was to gradually reduce the dilution to see the minimum amount to be effective. But I wanted to shock her system immediately and get ahead of the pain, if that makes sense. (AND we patch tested to make sure she could tolerate both components!)

AH.. I have the title and authors.. but not where (or if) it was published. this might help:
Temporary relief of postherpetic pain with topical geranium oil   Frank L. Greenway, MD Bruce M. Frome, MD Thomas Engels III and Alexander McLellan, ND

published HERE: YAY!!!!!!

I am so glad that I didn't hallucinate the whole thing! ;) It's not in Pubmed! Had I not found the proper title and authers in my archives, I would NEVER have found it.. I googled.. all sorts of options. (Kept finding ME as the source )
Note,  a friend of ours, a gifted and knowledgeable aromatherapy practitioner is suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy.  She had not seen this research, nor considered this combination, and is blending herself some (I think in a 30% dilution?)   I will be eager to hear her feedback, and will add it to this blog. 
Please note the importance of individual case studies like the two individuals mentioned above. This is how our communal knowledge base is built.   

UPDATE... initial feedback from Linda Donahue, of BellaLuna, the aromatherapist suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy.  "Just want to give you an update on the calophyllum & geranium blend. I've been using it along the nerve line when the pain, stinging, & electrical shock feeling happens. Within 15 minutes the symptoms resolve for a few hours. I'm able to get sleep! Not a fan of the smell, but it works lol! Thank you so much, Marge! ❤"    

I am truly excited about Linda's feedback because to my knowledge, she is the first one suffering from diabetic neuropathy to try this blend.   


Victoria said...

My daughter has neuropathy and we were discussing the possibility of a hot pepper oil. She uses capsaicin patches for pain, which is made from hot peppers (not black pepper). Any such thing out there? Also is the Calophyplum & geranium oils a 50-50 mix?

Marge said...

Victoria there is a capsaicin CO2 extract but we've not worked with it.. I truly am concerned about my staff pouring it...THAT strong. You could go as high as 50% temporaril with the calophyllum and geranium.. I started my friend at, I think, 40%... it worked beautifully.. FIRST Patch Test.. to make sure there is not reaction. And, after a week or so please start backing down a bit.. using lower dilutions, gradually. That is too strong a dilution to go on using regularly. make sense?

Debra Fant said...

This published article is a very encouraging sign that MD researchers are turning to Essential Oils and documenting striking positive results for pain relief and relatively few untoward reactions. I know from first hand experience how powerfully soothing callophyllum oil is on herpetic lesions and use it in a blend with ravensara (or ravintsara) for its anti-viral property, and would be glad to expand that to include geranium! My guess is that one could further dilute the geranium without losing efficacy when partnered with the callophyllum oil - also glad to hear it is making a difference with diabetic neuropathy as well. Keep the anecdotal data coming people!