Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Best Sellers

Halloween Best Sellers

In case you are curious about what your neighbors bought:

In TENTH Place... a three way tie:  Katfray 15 ml tied with German Chamomile CO2 Select and Siberian Fir CO2 5 mls

SEVENTH Place: Lavender Mailette 15 ml

SIXTH Place: Ravensara Aromatica 15 ml

FIFTH and FOURTH: Fragonia, and Sweet Orange both 15 mls tied

THIRD and SECOND: Frankincense Sacra (Black) 5 ml tied with Bulgarian Lavender  15 ml

FIRST PLACE WINNER: Frankincense Rivae     5 ml

And the biggest BULK essential oil seller?  Frankincense Sacra Black.  Had I not cancelled some wholesale orders, we could have shipped our whole stock to international wholesale customers.

The overall most popular oil of the day? Frankincense Sacra Black, my newest love.  The five mls tied for second,  15 ml tied for 11 or 12, and then there were the bulks.  Had I allowed it to happen, we could have sold out every drop that we have on Halloween. 

(Christi thought either Fragonia or Sacra (black and white) based on what she saw while printing and "stickering" the orders.)

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