Thursday, November 16, 2017

Vaping EOs????

I could have sworn I wrote about this before, but when members of our own staff ask why we aren't offering these things.. it's time for another rant!

I answered this question in another venue earlier this year.  Time to repost:

Have you heard about those vaping kits with"essential oils"? Is it safe to vape essential oils?" 

Odd, I was just asked about this in a Facebook group.. cutting and pasting.. 

1. The 'wellknown' brand that touts aromatherapy benefits dilute the eo's in glycerine.. um.. NO... eo's don't dissolve in glycerine.. so what ARE they dissolving them in?

2. Also.. the vast majority of benefits from inhalation come from the olfactory system.. ie, inhaling thru the nose, interacting with the olfactory nerves... to reach the limbic system of the brain.. inhaling via the mouth and exhaling thru the nose, as recommended, bypass that.   (The only exception, if you are trying to ease the pain and inflammation of an ear-ache. Using an inhaler, and inhaling via the mouth, sends the essential oil vapors directly to the ear drum. Isn't anatomy neat?)

3. There is no way to know the origin or quality of the essential oils supplied. For instance, is their Orange Oil organic and pesticide free?  Or are you inhaling pesticide residue?

4. If you want AROMATHERAPY benefits from an inhaler.. use an aromatherapy inhaler.. NOT
Old Fashioned Aromatherapy Inhaler
nearly as high tech and trendy and "cool" as a vape thingummy. But proven, effective, and you KNOW what you are inhaling. ooooooooppps.. rant limit exceeded...
Okay that was my immediate answer.. someone else shared research links showing damage done by vaping in general..

Now..those are regarding vaping in general. If you want the benefits of Aromatherapy, and I am assuming you do or you wouldn’t be asking about these, let’s use a proven, known to be effective delivery method… whether it is appropriate inhalation, topical use, a compress, whatever.
Hope this helps.

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Great information. Thank you for clarity