Sunday, December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving Best Sellers

Now that the dust has settled,  I took a minute to see what you all ordered over the various Thanksgiving sales.

In reverse order:

10th place:  Lemon oil, 15 mls
9th place:    Holiday Joy  5 mls
8th place, a three way tie between:  Bergamot, TeaTree and (drumroll, please!) Our Frankincense Sampler!
7th place:   Sweet Orange, 15 mls
6th place:   O Christmas Tree  5 mls
5th place:   Lavender Mailette 15 mls
4th place:   Frankincense Sacra Black, 5 mls
3rd place:   Peppermint Hungarian Organic 15 mls
2nd place:   Lavender Bulgarian  15mls
and.. in first place:

Frankincense Sacra, Black,  15 ml   which sold in quantities almost double the lavender in number 2 place. 

Hope you all are enjoying them.  If you haven't received your order yet, the very last of the Thanksgiving orders shipped on Friday,  December 1.  My crew worked like slaves!  I think they broke all records for the number of orders shipped a week.

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