Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2017 Most Ordered

Some time last week I pulled a report on ALL the products sold in 2017, and had fun playing with the numbers.  We have to look at the products that are not selling, and say goodbye. We have to try to understand the reasoning behind "this" product selling a lot more than "that" product.

And we had some surprises.

We offer between 160 and 190 pure essential oils, CO2 extracts, and absolutes.  Which did you prefer?  (These are top selling individual products.  If we sold, for example, three 32 fl oz bottles of a single bulk oil, that would be the equivalent of 192 retail 15 ml bottles.. so these numbers do not always represent the oil that we actually sold the MOST of. But they show what our retail clients are buying.)
Eucalyptus smithii

Top 20 best selling retail sized essential oils:

20: Eucalyptus smithii
19: Mandarine, Red
18: Ylangylang Complete
17: Cypress
16: Blood Orange
15: Rosewood (no longer available.)
14: Lavender High Altitude Wild
13: Lavender, English
English Lavender
12: Peppermint MidWestern
11: Lavender Mailette
10: Bergamot
 9: Lemongrass, High Myrcene
 8: Geranium Rose
 7: Cedarwood Atlas
Atlas Cedarwood
 6: Petitgrain Bigarade! (This one surprised us. WE love it. We're delighted that you do too!
 5: Peppermint Organic  (Yes! I'm proud of my clients. You all choose quality over low price!)
 4: Orange, Sweet Organic
 3: Tea Tree
 2: Lemon
 1: Lavender, Bulgarian
Bulgarian Lavender

Petitgrain bigarade
Some surprises here.  The Petigrain bigarade, of course, is one of my favorites, and SO effective against anxiety, but no form of Petitgrain has ever been near the top.  I'm pleased that more people are learning its advantages.

Atlas Cedarwood?  I adore ours.  I think it's an extraordinary batch and we are offering it at an extremely low price, based on today's market.  It's well aged and improving as time goes by.  But I didn't expect it to be in the top 10.

Cypress?  Of all our conifers, perhaps my least favorite.  Why is everyone buying cypress, instead of Black Spruce, or the Firs, or....   I don't know.

Blood Orange? Delightful!  I'm just tickled pink to see it on the list.

White Sacra Resin
Oh...  I also ran a report on our fourth quarter.  The Bulgarian Lavender still was in first place,  but 2nd and 3rd place went to Black and White Frankincense Sacra, respectively.  Not a surprise!

Thank you, all.  Later this week we'll list out some of the other most popular goodies! 


EponaRae said...

Sooo, to which oils are you saying goodbye? I may be able to offer a loving home to some. <3

Marge said...

we will just not re-order or reblend when the current stock is gone.

Chelsea Nolan said...

A very interesting post! I may choose to try one of these, it's fun to try new things . I tend to stay with just a few oils. Thanks for sharing with us !!