Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Most ordered of our "Creations"

What are "our creations"?   The products that we make in house.  Perhaps blends of essential oils, perhaps massage blends or roll-ons from those blends, perhaps skincare products using bases we buy from those who specialize in them, but add our unique special touches.  Everything that is NOT a plain essential oil, a hydrosol, a fixed oil.  All the other goodies.

The best selling single "other products" in 2017:

10: Cleopatra's Secret Creme Cleanser  4 oz.
9:   Trauma Oil  1 oz.
8:   Happy Dreams Synergy  5 ml.
7.   Arnica Massage Oil  4 oz.
6.   Marge's Miracle Blend 1 oz.
5.   SkeeterBeater Gel  4 oz.
4.   Flu Foil 5 ml.
3.   Relax Synergy 5 ml.
2.   Focus Synergy  5 ml.
1.   Cleopatra's Secret Serum  15 ml. 

Cleo's Serum has been a steady good seller ever since we first compounded it, but I never expected it to come in first. We were delighted!

Why did I list sizes in this list?  because I started to list the top 20.  Number 11 was Trauma Oil, 4 fl oz.  Which made my head hurt. Because a LOT of our products are offered in multiple retail sizes. And if I combined the number of bottles of both Trauma Oils, they outsold the Cleo's Serum (which only is offered in 15 mls.)

A dilemma.  How to compare a product that is only offered in one retail size, with something like SkeeterBeater that is offered in three forms/sizes?  So, we did another list.   The first list, above is truly our "top selling single products."  But, below, is the list of our BEST selling retail products:

10:  Citrus Smile Synergy (both 5 and 15 mls)
 9:   Focus Synergy (both 5 and 15 mls)
 8:   Reunite' Synergy and Anointing Oil (this delights me, one of my first blends and still effective!)
 7:   Deep Breath Synergy and Synergy with Inhaler.  It's helping others COPD as well as mine.
 6:   Winter Repair Cream, (1 and 4 ounce jars)
 5:   Cleopatra's Secret Serum   15 ml only
 4:   Trauma Oil  (1 and 4 oz)
 3:   Relax Synergy (5 and 15 ml)
 2.   SkeeterBeater Gel, Synergy and Oil.
 1.   Happy Dreams - Synergy and patches!

Happy Dreams as our best seller amazed us all.  We only introduced this childsafe blend in June, so for it to lead the list surprised us.  Children and adults all may need help with both anxiety and insomnia, evidently.

We found these reports fascinating.  And, my question to you, dear reader... What product on these "top selling lists" did you not even know we offered?  What do you need to try to enhance your own or your families well-being?

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