Friday, March 16, 2018

Allergy Season at Nature's Gift

Our bookkeeper, Cindi, has horrible allergies to most florals. On days that we are, let's say, decanting 20 kilos of Lavender, she gathers up her files and works from home.  But Spring in Middle Tennessee gives her a double whammy.  All of our fruit trees are in full bloom and the air is full of pollen of various types.  And Cindi is miserable.

In Mid February she was sniffling and sneezing,  just miserable, and I asked, "Have you tried our Blue Tansy?" "No, should I?"  We asked one of the production staff to just put a few drops of Blue
Tansy on a tissue and gave it to her.   No more sniffling, no more sneezing.

Yesterday she was coughing constantly.  Not a deep chesty cough, just a little aggravating tickle. "Have you used any Blue Tansy?" "No."  And again, one of the Production staff put a few drops on a tissue.  She inhaled.  The coughing stopped.  Perhaps 30 minutes later the cough started. "Will you please inhale that Blue Tansy again?"  And the coughing stopped.

I'm thinking perhaps we need to offer this deep cobalt oil in an inhaler. I don't want to diffuse something this deeply colored, for fear of staining the surrounding surfaces. 

Until we get around to making and offering some personal inhalers, you may order your own Blue Tansy here,  and even your own inhaler blanks (with instructions) here.

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