Friday, March 23, 2018

grief, grieving and gifts

This is going to be emotional.  If you are looking for science, and how things work, probably not the blog for you.

Last week my youngest child came to visit, with some friends, and asked about our Solace blend for one of her friends.  The young woman shared what was going on in her life, and we were able to "play scratch and sniff"... pull samples of oils and blends that might resonate with her.  And Solace was not one of them.  But others were.  Frankincense Black Sacra, Emotional Trauma Blend,  Magdalene's Anoint.  Yes, we found some oils and blends that reverberated with her.  Oils that, I hope, will help her as she walks through familial grief.

Wednesday night, my friend and mentor Sara Holmes gave a teleseminar for the members of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. The topic was "Grief support with Plant Medicine and Complementary Therapies from her book,"A Fragrant Memory".  Sara was kind enough to credit me with some of the oils she recommended, and reminded me of oils that I tend to forget in dealing with grief and anxiety.  It was a wonderful reminder.

Thursday,  we were discussing the webinar while I was cleaning my desk, and here was this letter, received last Autumn.  We were awestruck by the memory (or, perhaps, our lack of memory, because I had forgotten sending Terri the gift that she says we sent.) But here we are, talking about grief.  And here is her letter.

And this Sunday I have an appointment with a young woman whose partner chose to leave us.  We will sample, she will experience, and go home with oils that resonate with her and may help her find some peace.

So... it seems that this month of March, grief, my own and others, is very present in my life. And I am reminded again of the transformative power of these oils that I love.

Two books that I recommend for emotional healing are available via our website.  Sara's A Fragrant Memory  and Gabriel Mojay's Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit.

Terri has shared her healing journey on her blog,  Back of the North Wind.  You may read her journal, see the photographs that have sustained her and helped her reach outside of herself.  Her gallery is online at Northwind Photos.  There is also an Etsy shop where you may order some of the cards made from her photographs.

Sara Holmes may be reached at her website, Botanical Healing Arts. She is a highly qualified practitioner and available for personal consultation.  

Another friend who has turned her personal grief into outreach to help others heal is my long time friend Karla Helbert.  Karla is a trained counseler, and a Bereavement Care Provider, who practices many modalities as part of her own healing journes.

As I review my notes from Sara's handout from the seminar,  as I reread Terri's letter I am reminded of two things... first, the power of kindness.  We never know how a simple kind gesture can brighten a dark day.  And two,  the transformation that happens when we try to share our gifts and our experience with others.  Our journey is made lighter.

Thank you all for letting me ramble about this.


Unknown said...

Beautiful blog, Marge. Thank you for sharing!
Sometimes it is hard to realize we are not alone in our journeys through grief.

Anonymous said...

As a Palliative and Hospice Nurse Practitioner I shared your peaceful crossing blend with my colleagues that are touched daily by people passing away and comforting those left behind.
Many were sure to to reach out to me to thank me for this wonderful blend that allowed them to find their balance back.
My experience with grief is that is a layered experienced, and each new loss peels those layers and re-opens the wounds of people leaving us. Essential oils help us tho find a balance and healing