Monday, February 25, 2008

Dry skin body oil

Karie Kinney emailed this last evening - it sounds so yummy I had to share it!

"I just wanted you to know I recently ordered Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 Extract; Pomegranate Seed Oil; White Camellia Oil; Argan Oil; Jojoba Oil. I'm using them combined on my whole body - from head to toe! My skin has never looked better! I have combination skin and tend to break-out with blemishes frequently. I have not had one blemish since I started using these products! It's pretty amazing! My skin looks younger and more vibrant. My pores seem smaller too! My skin feels so silky soft it's incredible!"

That sounds like a wonderful blend, Karie. I use the Pomengranate and Argan on my face daily...more than daily. Hadn't thought of using it as a full body oil. But my friend Jean Flinchum raved about the effect of the pomengranate CO2 (straight up, no other oils) on really badly sundamaged arms. She mentioned "chicken skin"...well Jean, because I'm a lot older than you MY chicken skin is scalier than your chicken skin! Another use for Pomegranate.

All of the carrier oils and the Pomegranate CO2 are available onour carrier oils page. The Seabuckthorn Berry CO2 is available with our essential oils.

I'm thinking I might add just a tad of Rose Hip oil to the above combination. It is, after all, said to be one of the best oils for aging skin...and I think I've rather blown my cover here.

A nice after shower oil maybe?


Anonymous said...

You may want to focus more on pomegranate seed oil for your body. The oil, also called Omega 5,tends to work wonders on the skin and when combined with other botanicals into a skin care package -- it is heavenly.

I use only pomega5 products.

My boyfriend loves the scent and so my twin daughter.



Marge said...

well.... I haven't tried their cold pressed oil (I am assuming their pure oil is cold pressed? they don't say on the site) but we did try cold pressed pomengranate oil from several producers and really didn't care for either the aroma or texture.

The CO2 extracted is much lighter, absorbs faster, and has some wonderful effects. (And analyzes out at a higher punicic acid (Omega 5)ratio than the cold pressed. Did you see the post earlier about the CO2 helping with psoriasis, not to mention all the anti-aging effects.

And... the price of the product you are looking at seems a bit out of the range to me. $48 for 10 ml? As opposed to $22.00 for 15 mls? Now, every business needs to make a profit or they can't survive.

Anonymous said...

The focus, my dear, is not on the oil, but on the skin care.

Their oil is not CO2 pressed but has great aroma becuase it is not cheap stuff from India, Turkey, Iran or China. I was told that the CO2 process actually does not bode well with Omega 5 oil in particular as opposed to other seed oils.

The price is worth it, you ought to try the healing cream in particular.

We are girls, we are worth it. Also, remember, that the same quality product in La Mer will cost about $1400 a jar and it is not even green as POMEGA5.



Marge said...

Well... I don't see much sense in continuing this conversation.

We're glad you are happy with what you have found.

Anonymous said...

hi marge,
i too am absolutely loving the pom.'s definitely become a staple...i've been rotating between 2-3 drops of pom. co2 + a smidge of shea in the palms of my hands & a combo of pom + seabuckthorn + rosehip co2 in carrier - on both face & body. absolutely loverly!! please never stop carrying these amazing co2's!

Anonymous said...

Did Karie Kinney ever give exact proportions for the oils she made with the camelia, CO2 extracts, etc.,? I have had limited experience working with oils and would like some guidance.


Marge said...

Sylvia, she never did...I'll email her and ask...however, in the meantime... if I were to try to recreate her blend what I might try is (going in order of smallest amounts first here):

SeaBuckthorn Berry... I'd keep that down to one or two percent of the total, other wise it will 'bronze' your skin...and that low %age is enough to give you the benefits.

I would use the pomengranate CO2 at anywhere from 5 to 25 percent. (higher if you have problems with rashes, flaking skin, etc, lower if you just want some richness added.)

The white camellia, jojoba and argan can really be used in any balance that you prefer, it's a question of trial and error, in all honesty. Perhaps try mixing a little bit of all three, find a balance of texture that you like... you might want more of the Camellia, less of the jojoba, etc. When you find the correct balance that pleases you, of the main three, then gradually add the pomengranate... then just a couple of drops of the SeaBuckthorn Berry. It's not a recipe that has to be followed specifically, it's a 'find your own' balance. Does that help?