Saturday, February 16, 2008


True story... brand new client ordered a couple of items... I emailed back "hope the shingles get better FAST"... she wrote, shocked... how did I KNOW???

Because ravensara aromatica in a base of calophyllum inophyllum (the only carrier oil) works wonders on the pain and inflammation of Shingles, and anyone ordering just those two products is trying to treat shingles. I used to fantasize about offering a blend called "housetop" or "rooftop"... Because, of course, since there have not been proper double blind studies done, we can't SAY "use Ravensara and Calophyllum for Shingles."

But we can quote authors who suggest it, and the many clients who have written with success stories, after trying the allopathic meds to no avail. Years ago one of our staffers had a mom who thought what we did was snake oil, smoke and mirrors, etc. Until she developed Shingles. After a month on the meds with no relief she finally agreed to try what her daughter had been urging. Next morning she called, shocked and relieved. Had received her first painfree night's sleep in weeks.

But we can't say it works. We just know it does.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.
I've had a reoccuring shingles problem for 6 years, and I am so happy to have found a place to share all the natural remedies that have given me relief.

tea tree- neat topical treatment in preliminary formation of blisters. Only use diluted
in stage of the blister drying up. It may over dry the skin. (which is exactly what you
want to do in the beginning).

ravensara- diluted in Calophyllum. combined with application of tea-tree in preliminary formation of blisters. Use with more Calophyllum to moisturize in later dry stages, not to mention the calophyllum's benefits for painful nerves damaged by the virus.

lavender- diluted in a healing carrier such as calophyllum or aloe. lavender helps with stress and pain.

aloe vera- since the blister is very burn-like, the cooling aloe has worked well for me. It also is high in vitamin E, which helps counteract the virus.

melissa hydrosol- cooling anti-viral for all stages of the breakout.
eucalyptus- (diluted) muscle/nerve pain and anti-viral.

Anonymous said...

my son-in-law had a very distressing outbreak of shingles a couple years ago. my daughter suggested the ravensara and calophyllum blend to him. even though he was skeptical he tried it and found it to be quite soothing. in fact he called it the most relief giving of the treatments he tried.