Friday, February 15, 2008

Research Study - Radiation Treatment

We keep being reminded of why we are use the products we source and make available to improve the quality of life of our clients.

We are given the gift of participating in a huge research study that, if successful, may make a difference in the lives of thousands of Cancer patients.

A client in Minnesota has received funding for a major research project testing complimentary medicine in the treatment/prevention of skin damage from radiation treatments. The carrier oils and essential oils that are being rigorously tested (against a conventional allopathic remedy, healing carrier oils alone, and the carriers blended with a select group of essential oils) have been used for years to treat patients, with wonderful results. Because we know the procedure being tested works well, we anticipate great results in the tests.

And once the results are published, we can say what we know, without being accused of making medical claims. We can just reference the research.

But, most important of all, successful results might encourage other practioners to use the oils to help their patients. What a difference this can make in a patient's quality of life! What a GIFT to be able to participate!


Anonymous said...

I just want to say thank you to you Marge. I have been ordering helichrysum from you for the past few months. But in Dec, I noticed the spiritual section of the website. It would take forever and a day to tell you of all that I have been battling physically and spiritually in tne past 6 months. However, I ordered Protection and Sacred oil mixtures and I can't begin to tell you how truly thankful I am to have had the support and protection during such a tremendously difficult battle in my life. Again, thank you and God bless you Marge. You were just the angel that I was praying for.
Radonna Grace

Marge said...

Now I'm blushing... thank you. I am glad the blends are helping! I have a story about Sacred that leaves me shaking my head in bafflement...and thinking 'the power of placebo...and belief!'

A young woman I know is... very spiritual, and a very simple soul. Perhaps childlike is a good word. Someone had passed on some of our Sacred anointing oil to her. Now, the "intent" of Sacred is to create a sacred space, for worship, meditation, whatever. This young woman has no health insurance. She developed a lump on her breast. It was a tumor, no knowledge if it was cancerous or benign. But it hurt. And medical care was not an option. She started anointing her breast with Sacred. The lump went away. She is convinced the oil healed her. My only explanation, to her...that the blend was intended to create a sacred space, and purify and protect, and that her body was sacred. That was two or more years ago. Awhile ago the lump came back. This time the medics took measurements. She asked for more Sacred, I gave it to her, and told her she should have surgery. By the time of her next visit, the mass had shrunk to perhaps 1/5th its size. Was it mis-measured originally? I don't know. All I know is that... she believes she has been healed.

And I don't know anything, other than that the power of Faith is strong.