Monday, March 9, 2009

this past weekend we were blessed with a most excellent preview of the springtime. saturday morning, bidden by the sunshine streaming through my windows, i pulled on my hiking boots and grabbed a walking staff. my old dog jack and i headed to the woodland behind my house. george, my husband, fired up our four wheel utility cart, fondly known as 'lula', thinking we could ride the pathway through the hills. (lula is a most welcome addition to our family since i began to have knee problems and dare not risk the climb on foot.) turned out lula had a problem of her own, so we parked her until she can get a small part replaced.
however, the lower land has a lovely path, as well, which i can maneuver fairly easily, so we struck out. at the end of the lowland path i found my first daffodils of the year, 'buttercups' george calls them. i picked three for a vase and left the rest. these were the first naturalized flowers i have found since we moved to our place, so it was a mildly exciting event for me!( big smile.) We did a 'tour', checking the beds and hiding places we have planted, gauging the progress...making predictions. a lovely time.
it slips my mind in the depths of winter how uplifted my spirit can be with even a small dose of sunshine. (maybe that's why citrus oils are so uplifting!) the short trek saturday morning was in truth a cleansing, as though i'd been allowed to jump forward in time a couple weeks for a taste of the rebirth to come. with that in mind i turn to planning for the time of balance drawing nigh, when the duration of light and darkness are the same. which oils should i use to honor that fleeting moment and the beginning of renewal which will follow?
to begin i will call upon Black Spruce. though some think of it as a wintry oil, i find spruce useful at anytime i need refreshing. it puts my energy moving on the right circuit. then, German Chamomile to shake things up a bit. by shaking things up i am loosening old habits and stale modes of thought and perception. to make room for fresher ideas and new ways of doing and being i choose lovely lemongrass. to encourage the expansion of my life experience i can think of no more radiant choice .
i will use geranium for balance. after all of the shaking and clearing i need to attune to my harmony once again. just as Mother Earth finds her harmony after the upheaval of the winter darkness, just as there comes that moment when light and dark are the same, geranium will nudge me into equilibrium. bring forward all the new ideas and perceptions i mentioned before...petitgrain, to open, to awaken. petitgrain to release my hoarded memories that can now burst forth like an opening flower.
as marge would say, "i think that's a plan".
bright blessing to all who enter here and to your loved-ones!

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Marge said...

Sometimes I forget that we have a poet lurking at work. Thank you, my dear, for letting me "feel" your woodland!