Monday, March 23, 2009

wood wandering

as my knee has been feeling better lately i decided to risk a small walk in the woods sunday morning. i had hoped that jack, my oldest dog, would accompany me but he opted out. instead petey did a fine job of being my escort, walking close to me and putting himself between me and the path's edge which has a direct drop downward. to be on the safe side i had one of the many walking sticks george has made for me. (sort of like my reading glasses...i keep several around so i don't have to search for long!)

we went up the trail with the least incline and back where i discovered that i have more control over my knees going uphill. going down is too much of a risk for injury. since i have no trouble at all on the flatland paths, we continued our walk there and discovered that many of our daffodils had faded, but new ones had arrived. it was fun to see what varieties we had planted blindly last fall, the bulbs being gifted to us by our neighbor.

later in the day george and i took lula for a ride. lula is my ancient kawasaki mule atv, but she still has enough get up and go to mosey around all our trails. we stopped near the top of a hill where i did a bit more walking in flat areas while george cut stumps out of the path. i found that one of the trilliums i planted last year was up, and all the muscari and hyacinths. standing still for a few moments i took in the essence of that spot which seems quite sacred to me. i looked up through the hauntingly beautiful canopy the bare trees provide to see a blue and white sky appearing almost like damask. what a soulful way to begin my sprintime!

later,in the garden i found that my lemon balm, from which comes melissa, one of my most favorite essential oils, was up and well on her way to trying to take over my tulip bed! i can scarcely wait to help ms.lemon balm learn to curb her enthusiam and share the space with the many plantings to come!

mother earth is awakening once again with her wonderous plant life, many of which provide us with natural healing for our minds, bodies and spirits. may we all enjoy this wonderous time in our lives!

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