Thursday, March 26, 2009

top ten most ordered Essential Oils

Finally found time to play with the shopping cart stats for all of 2008, and found some real surprises.

To choose our Top Ten Most Ordered we decided to go with just who ordered how many bottles. I started out trying to figure how many ounces of each we sold, and it made my head hurt. So we finally went down to "this many bottles were ordered"... doesn't matter if it was 16 oz in bulk, or 2 ml. If it was ordered, it added to the total. And it got complicated counting the subvarieties of each oil, so we totalled them. X Frankincense, X rose, X pine, etc.

Given all that... and excluding oils that went into sampler kits, and student kits and various other packaging... drum roll, please! Here are our most ordered essential oils of 2008:

Number 10: a tie... between SeaBuckthornBerry CO2, and Pink Grapefruit Oil! The only Citrus oil to make the list. Looks like you all love it almost as much as we do!

Number 9: ROSE - Rose otto, rose absolute, rose de mai... it doesn't matter. You love our Roses!

Number 8: SANDALWOOD - YES! What wonderful taste our clients have!

Number 7: TEATREE well, I guess we must be sensible and kill all those germs. The Organic "robust" vastly outsold the milder "Light" by the way.

Number 6: GERANIUM And the organic Rose Geranium from Madagascar outsold the Egyptian. A surprise to me. (Although we sell a lot more of the Egyptian because of all the various kits and student kits that contain it.)

Number 5: PEPPERMINT And here the conventionally farmed Midwestern outsold the Organic English. There's simply no predicting!

Number 4: FRANKINCENSE ah, wonderful - healing for skin and spirit. The CO2 extracted was the best seller.

Number 3: EUCALYPTUS we are all going to be breathing freely! And among the varieties we offer, you chose our Radiata most often. (I guess folks are reading Valerie Worwood?)

Number 2: Are you sitting down? HELICHRYSUM! Yes, our Helichrysum italicuum, from Corsica, was our second most ordered essential oil. I've been saying for years that this is the most healing essential oil I know of. It would appear that you believe me!

Number 1: LAVENDER - no surprise, since it is, of course, the "all purpose" oil that everyone uses, best for the beginner, and expert alike.

Of all the Lavender species that we offer, your favorites were, in this order, Bulgarian, Mailette, and the High Altitude.

I was really surprised that the only Citrus oil to make the list was our Pink Grapefruit; and surprised at how many of you are using Sea Buckthorn Berry in your skin care regimes.

Having our Heli come in at the top was just absolutely a delight!


crowgirl said...

thank you for a fun post.

in the last year, i've ordered eight of your top ten oils! and in the past i've gotten rose and sea buckthorn from you. the only one i've not purchased is the geranium. years ago i bought some at a health food store, but i didn't like the smell at all. i should try yours. okay, next time i order, i will.

Marge said...

In my experience, all the various Geranium oils come under the "love 'em or loathe 'em" category. Rather than ordering, next time you order, request samples of both that we offer. A tiny sample will let you know whether or not you want to add them to your collection.

I will say that Geranium oil is a terrific 'balancer'.. good for combination skin, and, paired with Clary Sage, very helpful for "female problems." It's a component of almost all of our "for women only"

Nicola said...

I have rosacea and have found geranium a God send, my flushing has reduced tremendously and the itchy miniature hives are all but a thing of the past, best oil I have used on my face so far!!