Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Claying around -

We've been packaging some clays that have been here for a good while. (I used them in soaps, or to color soaps, but we've never made them available before.)

I started working on an info page about clays, and face masks with various ingredients and for various skin types. Of course nothing would do but some of us had to try them out.

Not sure where all the pictures ended up, because I KNOW more masks were blended than I have pictures of...but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the messes we can get into.

T was working on a combination, for her combination skin... so came out rather Christmassy looking with red and green masks.

Now Sharon, with a white kaolin mask for her sensitive skin, took the "rest quietly for 10 or 15 minutes while the mask dries" very seriously indeed!

Somewhere, on a computer drive there are a bunch of pictures from perhaps 14 years ago, when Nature's Gift was running out of my house.

We had gotten in samples of several clays, and of course Wolfie, Hope and I had to play. We did half of each of our faces with a different clay mask... and when we had just finished applying them... the doorbell rang. UPS delivery, needed signing for.

I guess we took ourselves more seriously then, because we were mortified. Today, in hindsight, its funny.

One of these days I'll finish that page of suggestions and ideas for home made face masks. or masques, if you prefer.

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