Thursday, July 16, 2009


Okay. Sunday July 19th is my birthday. I would prefer to forget that. But the crew insists we need to celebrate AND have a special sale.

SO... from midnight Sunday morning until midnight Monday morning (pacific time) if you enter a promotional code in the box marked "Promo code/gift cert" and press "Apply" you will receive a 13% discount on almost all of our retail products. Essential oils, carriers, synergies, accessories. Bulk products, clearance items, kits and our special books are not, unfortunately, included. But just about everything else is.

The code?

haveahappy all one word, just as written.

Your discount will show on screen; if it does not, please don't submit the order because we will not be able to apply it retroactively.

Why 13% you may ask? Because I'm 31? well, no. But it's the number that worked out. Can hardly expect us to give my REAL age as a discount after all!

Thanks for helping me celebrate!

Oh...and before I forget... Christi will be on vacation next week. I'll be the one doing everything in the office, processing orders, answering questions, billing orders, everything that she and I both normally do. Your order may be delayed a day or so while I try to keep up with her!

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marmee said...

A very wise person once told me to think of our age in terms of "experience"! So, you have ____ years of experience! Something to celebrate I'd say. I really do hope you have a happy one. And thanks for sharing so freely your knowledge and experience of aromatherapy.!
All the best, Margaret