Sunday, September 30, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Crafting - Day One

12 days of Christmas: Creating Aromatic Gifts with Essential Oils

The Christmas holiday season is rapidly approaching (86 days!) and every year I intend to make aromatic gifts for my friends but time gets away too quickly and I rarely match my ambitions, thinking, “Well, there’s always NEXT year”!  Next year has arrived so I put on my thinking cap and began making preparations early and wanted to share some neat ideas in case you, too, would like to share the gift of aromatherapy with friends and family.
The result: over the next 12 days, I’ll be blogging special recipes and blending tips and each day we’ll give you the opportunity to save on a featured item which can be utilized for your own unique blends and creations.
Let’s be clear: I am a tub person, not a shower person.  I don’t even have a shower, just an old claw foot tub, and I love to turn my bathroom into a personal spa with our natural bath salts:  Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink Crystals, African Pearl, and Hawaiian Black Salts. Too hard to pick a favorite, as they are all quite different.  Affordable and luxurious all at once! 

Scenting bath salts with essential oils and vegetable oils is fairly simple but if you are intimidated we do offer a Make It Yourself Bath Salt Kit with full instructions and everything you need to blend and store your creation.  Our PET clear plastic bail jars are tub and shower safe and hold a little more than 16 oz.

 Choose your salt or salts of choice.  Sometimes it is nice to blend several varieties of salts for size and texture.  Smaller salts tend to drain better and are easier to clean from the tub. 
Choose your oil or oil blend considering any contraindications or safety warnings for the individual who will receive the oils.

Ideas:  Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Coffee, Rosewood, Vanilla CO2
Okay, you have your salts and oils.  Now what?     
Mixing bowl, large spoon
Add salts, 2 cups or 16 oz
Add essential oils or blend of choice, about 15-30 drops  
Blend and mix well
A carrier oil or liquid castile soap may be added to the mixture for a more salt scrub type effect.  
If using a carrier oil in addition to essential oils, blend the essential oil into the carrier oil.
Close in a container with a very tight lid and store for a day.
If the blend seems too weak, you may add more essential oil at that time. 
Remember to add a personal label with any safety warnings or precautions, such as “Caution, tub may be slippery after use.” (if making a salt scrub.)

We’ve been experimenting with our Coffee Essential Oil in the salts and love the result…not too overpowering, just right!

Salts and Bail Jars are available at special pricing for the next 12 days for our blog readers.  Good luck making your own special creations!
Use the promotional code  craft1  (the number 1) at checkout, press apply, and save 20% on our PET bail jars, and all of our salts, including our make it yourself bath salt kit.  The Salts and bail jars will continue on sale until October 12

Finished Salts, layered and packaged.


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