Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clay pot Vases

I've always used our wee clay pots as passive diffusers.  Have used one in my car, with Fresh Aire, on in a winter clothes storage closet with Atlas Cedarwood oil, one hidden in the branches of an artificial Christmas Tree with Balsam Fir oil...but I've never used them decoratively.

One of our new staff members, Sherry, mentioned in passing that she had filled one in her kitchen with blossoms from her Basil plants, and how pretty and aromatic they were as they dried.

It never occurred to me to use one this way...but they are charming.  Any dried flower would work nicely...aromatic or not.

Sherry, thank you for sharing your creativity!

We have a tiny handful of the terra cotta pots without the cork that seals the top. You wouldn't use the cork to make a vase. They are on our Clearance Page while they last.

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