Friday, September 7, 2012

Introducing Hobi-Wan Kenobi

The production staff has a new toy.  (Or an new tool, depending on your perspective!)

For years, we have been burning out a big heavy table mixer at least once every two years.  The biggest bowls (5 quart) would hold perhaps 4 bail jars of Shea Soufflé or Baby Balm in one batch.   Consequently, during the cool weather months, we ended up making one or the other product at least once a week.   Noisy, slow, tiresome.  Did I say slow?  Did I say time consuming?

This summer we had a visit from my friend Carla, a professional Chef. After touring the Production Kitchen she had some suggestions.  A professional Hobart Mixer was the first.  He was installed this morning, and christened Hobie-Wan Kenobi.

Michelle LOVES making Baby Balm, and Shea Soufflé, and seems to have claimed it for her own.  She and Sherry were experimenting with what goes where. (Come to find out years ago Sherry used one of these in a commercial kitchen. Her experience will help a lot!)

  (Jim and Marge are checking it out. We are probably the two people who will never use it!)

Surely it will eventually be cool enough to ship Baby Balm and Shea Soufflé.  Next week we're going to make both of them. LOTS of both of them! Lots and lots of both of them.

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EponaRae said...

Congrats on the acquisition of masterful toolage. What with the strong demand for your balms and such, I am sure Hobi-Wan truly was your last hope! =D
Souffle-away kids!