Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fragrant February - Rosy Recipes

Someone's in the kitchen with Roses:

Rose Simple Syrup:

1 cup (8 fl oz, 240 mls) Rose Hydrosol
3 cups SUGAR (24 fl oz, 720 mls) water (mistake in graphic! I will correct, but not now.)
2 - 4 drops Red food coloring (optional)

Mix together, boil for 10 minutes or until thickened into a syrup. Strain into clean glass jar or bottle and refrigerate for up to two weeks.  Serve over cut up fresh fruit, pound cake, waffles.  Add confectioners sugar to form a glaze for cake or cookies.

Strawberry Rose Sorbet:

1 pound  Frozen strawberries
3/4 Cup (6 fl oz) Rose Simple Syrup

Pulse frozen berries in food processor until chopped.  Add rose syrup, blend until smooth.  Either serve immediately, or freeze.

Lazy Rose Jam:

8 ounce jar of your favorite "red berry" jam, commercial or handmade.
1 - 2 teaspoons (5 - 10 mls) Rose Hydrosol or to taste.
Stir the rosewater into the jam, serve in a pretty jam  jar.

Rose Wine:   Simply add a teaspoon of rose hydrosol to a glass of chilled white wine.

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