Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Heard on TV

Last night was Jimmy Fallon's first night to host The Tonight Show.  I am a big Jimmy Fallon fan, so I taped it in case I fell asleep.   His first guest was Will Smith.  

They were talking about entertaining and business and theater... And Jimmy asked if  'any of this stuff' gets scary for you?"

Will Smith: It definitely can get scary for me, especially now, with my kids coming into the business and all. It starts to be scary. But y'know, I tell them all the time, you just keep loving people.

'the thing to remember, always, is that your art is a gift to people to help their lives be better and to be brighter, and what happens a lot when you see people fail in this business it's that they're in there for their ego and they start doing it for them,  It's like, no, you're trying to help people just get through the day, you know, and you do it really really well.

Jimmy was touched by his comments, and perhaps that explains why I always LOVED Jimmy Fallon and was delighted he is now coming on TV before I fall asleep.

But then I thought about what we do here. So many of the folks who read the messages I put out here are professionals... are in the "aromatherapy community" either as producers, or practioners, healing people with their training and the oils, or end users, improving the lives of their families and friends.

And it occurs to me that when we can remember that these oils, what we do with them, is a gift to help people's lives be better and be brighter.  When we remember that... we succeed.  and we are gifted with abundance.

And when it becomes "all about us" and all about financial reward (as opposed to abundance) then... the focus changes.  

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