Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Formulas

We have been adding a lot of graphics with information to our Facebook Page. I thought by posting them here I could give more information, and links to the oils used.

This graphic was used in last month's blog where we warned against using Clove or other strong oils with a teething baby or toddler.  The blend is wonderfully soothing.  We were asked if we offer it. No, because it is not our original blend.  But we do offer the components.  See the essential oils on our Alphabetical List of Essential Oils. The Jojoba is with our carrier oils, and the bottle, of course, with our Bottles and Jars.

Photo: For more safe and appropriate baby care suggestions:

If you have trouble reading the formula in the graphic:
  • 1 drop Lavender
  • 1 drop German Chamomile
  • 1 drop Roman Chamomile
  • 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz) Jojoba.

Blend in a 15 ml bottle,massage on cheeks and jaw line to ease pain and inflammation.


2 ml Elemi
1 ml Peppermint Eucalyptus
1 ml Ginger Root

Blend, dissolve in alcohol, add to a 4 ounce PET atomizer filled with distilled water.

Use for cleaning Countertops,Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures, or as a room spray.  Bright, warming and sunshiney.

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