Friday, October 6, 2017

Early Bird - Aroma 2 Go

Early Bird Christmas Special…12% off our Nifty Aroma 2 Go USB diffusers & Car Scenter diffusers
With just 11 weeks till Christmas, what do you get for the gadget geek/techie on your list?  Searching for an affordable stocking stuffer?  Our “Aroma to Go: USB diffuser,” comes to mind.  We added   We use it at our desk and with our laptop, too!
these last year after sampling some “cheap” versions; we thought it was a great idea but not executed the best, that is, until we came across this well-built USB diffuser.

We’ve received excellent feedback from a variety of folks who are enjoying using the Aroma 2 Go USB diffusers.  Dr. Liana Carbon, who messaged us on Facebook: “Just wanted to tell you how very much I am LOVING my new USB diffuser! I bought the extra refills, and have them filled with different EO blends so I can swap out according to my needs and moods. What a godsend for those of us on the computer for many hours! BRILLIANT invention!”

Easy to use, it looks like a fancy flash drive, but plugs directly into your USB port.  Holds about a ml of essential oil or synergy blend and is perfect for an at-home or work office space.  You can pipette the oil into the wick easily, then plug in and go. 
We would’ve loved one of these in college…up studying late, add Focus to the diffuser, and extend study time on those late nights…no coffee required.  (Although you could add Coffee Co2!)  Any oil or blend for your mood or physical needs will work.  We’ve diffused Eucalyptus and Ravintsara in the winter months for stuffy noses.  The sky’s the limit!

Comes with a wick and one refill packet.  Extra refill packets can be purchased to use various/different oil combinations.  Available in white or black.  Nifty little invention.  Plug and inhale! 

Travels well, too. Marge took hers to the AIA convention last year and everyone else wanted one after they experienced the USB diffuser at the Nature’s Gift booth. 

Another great "travel" diffuser for someone on the go is our Car Scenter diffuser.  It plugs into the dashboard (cell charger/cigarette lighter) of most cars and uses cellulose pads to hold the essential oil or synergy of your choice.   We suggest our Fresh Aire for uplifting, Focus to increase mental alertness, or Citrus Smile synergies for energizing and deodorizing. A perfect solution for long trips or commuting. Comes with five cellulose pads and refills are available.  We spend so much time in our cars these days and the Car Scenter is the ideal travel companion. 

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