Monday, October 2, 2017

Early Bird Special - Bliss Bath

For a limited time, order and receive a 12% discount on any of our BlissBath products with our Early Bird Christmas savings.  (Use discount code “EarlyBird” at checkout.)
Pamper yourself, a friend or loved one with our pampering bliss bath.  

Designed to nurture skin and nurture spirits; there’s a story behind the development of our Bliss Bath. It was concocted during a time when I had to do something to nurture and take care of myself, of my spirit. One of these things became a nightly ritual…a warm bath, beeswax candles, soft music, and oils to soothe my spirit in the bath. Bath salts weren’t the answer for me…my more than mature skin finds salts too drying. I needed a bath oil, but they float on top of the water and feel greasy, not soft and nourishing. I began experimenting with a friend's formula for a “blooming bath powder” (all the rage at the time), …and thus our Bliss Bath was born.

Since decisions can be difficult, we’ve added all 5 varieties of our bliss bath into one gift set we call, “A Week of Bliss.”  The set includes seven individual packets of:  Lavender (2), Rose (2), Jasmine (1), Cleopatra’s Secret (1), and Unscented (1).  Comes packaged with a Lavender-scented sleep mask (while supplies last!) for the ultimate in relaxation. Order this as a delightful stocking stuffer or indulge yourself!
Contents: a powdered balm blended with rich, organic Jojoba oil and individual essential oil or absolute. Obviously, the unscented can be scented with any essential oil of your choosing.  (Hint: Sandalwood is always a nice selection, or your favorite Nature's Gift blend or synergy. I recently added some of our Frankincense Sacra infused oil. Bliss!)  To make your own unscented in a larger bail jar: Add approximately 1/4 cup extra jojoba, with perhaps 3 mls of your favorite synergy or essential oil. Blend in very well, and there you have it —your own custom-made Bliss Bath.  

Easy to use, just add this magical mixture to the tub. As it fills, the powder dissolves, dispersing the moisturizing jojoba, and the silky soft powder throughout the water, so that every inch of your skin is caressed with its silken touch. You leave the bath with your skin feeling soft and silky and your spirit rested and restored.

Note: For the tiny unscented bliss bath packet included in a week of bliss—a drop or two of your favorite essential oil or synergy is all that is needed for the unscented bliss bath packet.

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