Monday, October 16, 2017

Early Bird - BLING!

Bling!  AKA Wearable Aromatherapy Jewelry
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Who doesn't love to sport a little bling now and then? Wearable aromatherapy jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes these days for a wide variety of budgets.  Another gem for the aromatherapy lover
on your list or as a treat for yourself.

My favorites are our lampwork artisan aromatherapy vessels.  Each one is uniquely crafted and like snowflakes, no two are alike! These beauties are glass and come in slightly different styles: Murano, Teardrop, and Round.  We have all colors of the rainbow, it seems, including: Aquamarine, Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Brown, Tiger's Eye (Marge's favorite), Purple, Black, Mauve, Clear with delicately painted Roses, and multicolored swirls of Autumn, blues and greens, and more. Definitely colorful and distinctive.  As a bonus, packaged for gift giving.  Each comes with a silk corded necklace, replacement cork, and mini pipette.

At a greatly reduced price, we have a handful of our little Pom-Pom aromatherapy lockets left in
stock.  Made of a metal alloy that is nickel-free, those of us at Nature's Gift who have problems wearing non-sterling metal jewelry have found these completely tolerable to wear.  Includes a packet of several brightly colored pom-poms to match your outfit or mood.  Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend, pop it into the locket, and face the day with your best-loved aromatic.

A few easy recipes or single essential oil ideas for these "passive" aromatherapy diffusers:

-For uplifting, add Spearmint and Orange
-For anxiety, add Neroli, Petitgrian bigarade, or our Reunité Synergy (on sale this month!)
-For immune, germ-busting, add a combination Ravensara, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, or Lemon Myrtle

-For grounding, add Vetiver Haiti
-For clarity/focus, add Rosemary, Peppermint, or Lemon (or our Focus blend)
-For insect barrier, add a combination of Lemon Tea Tree, Patchouli, and Cedarwood
-For well-being, add Rose, Bergamot or Grapefruit

Take 12% off our aromatherapy bling! (jewelry) using promo code "earlybird" .  At checkout, simply enter the code: earlybird and click apply for savings.

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