Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aromatherapy Research

The previous discussion, about whether or not essential oils should be called "clinical" brought to mind a website that I discovered earlier this evening. The University of Minnesota has a site devoted to "Taking Charge of Your Health." A good read. I zeroed in on the section pertaining to Complimentary Therapies... especially, of course, Aromatherapy. (No, I didn't ace the "activity" on matching essential oils and therapeutic results...I'm MORTIFIED!)

What especially drew my attention was the "What does the research say about Essential Oils."

Pages of published research covering the anti-microbial effects of essential oils, the effectiveness of EO's for pain relief, psychological effects, toxicity and sensitization, and a rather miscellaneous grouping of other studies.

I love it when serendipity happens! Just when I needed some research cites to reply to Colin's comments - there they are!

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