Friday, June 20, 2008

Nature's Babies

Here at Nature's Gift, I think I speak for all of us
in saying that we take pleasure in sharing with the rest of the world the wonderful gifts that Mother Nature provides, in the form of healing (and great-smelling) plant extracts, and the products we create with them. Well, this past month we received a lovely gift from Mother Nature! In the delight of Spring Fever, we decorated the outside of our new digs with hanging plants. Geraniums, Petunias, and Fuschia.

Soon after we got satisfied with how lovely and happy our building was looking, it seems the house wrens were suitably appreciative as well. They took up housekeeping in our Fuschia plant. I think by the time we discovered our feathered friends' new abode, there were already little blue eggs in the nest!

...And then there were little fuzzy babes. They grew quickly!

The other day we did our daily check on the bird nursery... they had flown away! Good for them. We loved having them live with us, and we hope they have a beautiful life somewhere out there in the trees and the sky...


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Marge said...

Btw, in the picture of the hanging fuschia plant...the reflection in the window is our Sadie taking the photo. (She wanted to use another shot because the reflection wasn't there...I overruled her!)