Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our hearts go out to our neighbors in the north. We have a LOT of clients in Wisconsin, as well as the surrounding states, and the news of the flooding there is just devastating.
I'm remembering when heavy rains and tropical storms flooded part of our house, perhaps 10 or so years ago. The family room carpet was underwater. In addition to the commercial fans that go under the carpet to force drying, we pulled out our trusty nebulizing diffuser, and filled it with perhaps equal parts of Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) which would, probably, have prevented mold and mildew growth all by itself. But I don't like the medicinal aroma of teatree, and did not want it filling my house. To the tea tree I added some Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora), another powerful anti-fungal with a bright lemony aroma. The combination of the two "cleared the air" beautifully. Once the fans finished removing all the water from the carpet and its padding, the room never smelled musty or mildewy. (Among other things, I'm allergic to molds and spores, so couldn't take a chance on any lingering in the family room...which is also my computer room/office.)

Perhaps something in this suggestion will help the folks trying to dry their homes up as the waters go down.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the combination of lemon and eucalyptus is equivalent to lemon eucalyptus.

Marge said...

Sorry, but no, not at all.

Lemon Eucalyptus is Eucalyptus citriadora, a powerful anti-fungal agent. Neither "normal" lemon oil (citrus limone) nor Eucalyptus globulous are specifically anti-fungal.

(If it were a blend, I'd have mentioned that.)