Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clinical Aromatherapy on TV

A friend just sent me this link, to a story on the Dallas/Fort Worth CBS affiliate, with the following question "Hi Marge - the bottles of oils in this video look a lot like yours - yes?"

Yes indeed!!! We've been involved in the Clinical Aromatherapy program at Harris Methodist since it started, and are really delighted to see such positive coverage in the local press.

(I love the contrast made between "recreational" oils, available in department stores, and the "clinical" oils used at the hospital.) Just wish they had shown our brand name in the picture! (and wish I could figure out how to save one frame of the video so I could add the picture of our Lavender oil they used to this post!)


Colin said...

Don't you think that describing essential oils as clinical is overselling them a bit? They might have some positive health benefits but the aren't really treatments to be compared with medicines?

Marge said...

Totally disagree, Colin. There has been enough research done to prove their efficacy in specific cases.

We have participated in research studies (some currently ongoing that we are eagerly awaiting results) that show that specific essential oil therapies can have results as effective as commonly perscribed medications, with fewer side effects.

Both Ginger and Peppermint oil have proven effective at combating post surgical nausea. Teatree and lavender (blended)and teatree oil alone have proven effective, applied topically, in killing the MRSA bacteria.

There are a host of research studies available.

And then, of course, there are all the 'anecdotal evidence'...the case studies compiled by health care practioners, the feedback from clients "this was going on, you suggested trying that...and the results were ... fill in the blank." We get feedback like this almost daily.

I just came across a page on the University of Minnesota website that I saved, thinking it would be a good blog topic...linking to pages of research studies using the essential oils physically and emotionally, for pain relief, antibacterial or antifungal effects, for emotional or mental results, etc.

Guess it's time for me to go post it?