Thursday, February 26, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Came across a specimen of an oil I've never much liked earlier today. It's an oil that all the writers write about, they say it's useful, they say it's pleasant. I don't think so. Over the years I've probably bought this oil from half a dozen sources, and never liked one of them. And just figured that's the way it is.

Yesterday I got a sample, from a producer I've worked with often, but never for THIS oil. And I fell in love!

THIS is what this oil is supposed to smell like! Clear, light, fresh, delightful!

So, of course, I emailed for pricing... assuming it would be somewhere in the range of what I've been paying.

My final cost, with funds conversion, international shipping, etc, will be three times what I've spent in the past.

I'm trying to justify the cost, even now. We want to offer the best quality of every oil we can find. I learned a decade ago not to make the decision based on price. But...but...but...

My clients say they want the best. But when I sourced an organic grapeseed oil (and paid a fortune for it) sits there. People email about wanting organic carrier oils; but aren't willing to pay the premium cost.

So, logic and the economy say I shouldn't. I can't justify it. We aren't even low on our stock of the mediocre one.

ah, but I *want* it!


Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

How can you torture us?! You're such a tease! I refuse to answer unless I know what the oil is. And I know you're laughing now, knowing that we're all just wondering. Stop that!! :))

Marge said...

Laughing out loud. Now, do you really want me to admit in public that our Petitgrain oil is not what it should be?

Remembering a million years ago when we first met at a conference somewhere. (Second soap gathering?) and you had this stunning Clary Sage Oil. "Ohhh...THAT is what Clary is supposed to smell like!" It took me a long time to chase it down, but I did. It's rather like that. All the descriptions say that Petitgrain should smell fresh, and green/floral.. light.

And all I have ever smelled seemed "muddy" to my nose. And I thought that is what Petitgrain smells like.

Within the last 48 hours I've learned what it SHOULD smell like. And that makes all the difference in the world.

I have to order it, don't I?

Gretchen said...

Is it the cost per ounce that has you balking? Or is it the bulk amount/cost? If it's the bulk amount maybe you could host a group buy, in the IBN discussion area there is an area just for that. If it's a great quality product then I'm sure others would be interested in it too. Including myself!

Marge said...

It's the basic cost per ounce. With the currency cost and freight I will be paying a LOT more per oz than I am used to. About triple.

For a product that has never sold well for us. (of course the fact that ours isn't one of our "stars" may account for that!) There would be a little savings in ordering a much large quantity, but it's not a "long lived" oil so I don't think buying in huge quantity would be appropriate. Perhaps in the future I'll look into doing a group buy.

EponaRae said...

I've never checked out comments before--but like Donna Maria I was consumed with curiosity! Gee, can you send me a wee sniffy of this elixer? =P I'm to the end of my Herb Majicks petitgrain stash--I'll join the buying group--I totally trust your nose, Lady!

Anonymous said...

I have to say out of all the Petitgrains i have had over the years (20+) the one you have is one of the best. if the price is not something like $100 per Oz i would like to get some too.

Marge said...

Why bless your dear heart Ms. Anonymous. Remember we have the "old" petitgrain, which you say you love at half price on our Specials page this month, and four oz sizes in bulk at an amazing price, as well. The new will be more expensive, but I couldn't not order it.

Now to clear the OLD out... please... take lots of it! ;)

W. Dannie said...

Hey Marge, I was the Anonymous from the last post. I will be ordering at lest 1 of the 4oz today, and i think it would be very nice in that Lapis Amulet that your out of =( LOL. This might be something, my grandfather had about 40 orange trees way beak in the late 80s. The levees would get a brown / black mold on then. This mold did not harm the tree, and seemed to help it, the trees with the mold always had more oranges on them. Well a guy he knew had 100s of trees and did distill some oils, he would take the leaves, with flowers and small green oranges and distill them. All I can say is WOW. But there were times that it did not smell as good, at these time he did not clean off this mild. I was just wandering if that has something to do with this new pettgrains smell?