Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A MRSA story - it's about gratitude

Some of you know that we make available a blend that has tested effective in the lab... in the correct proportions and dilutions, it kills MRSA bacteria. I can't say that it does that, then the FDA would accuse me of selling an 'unregistered drug' or some such. But, in a laboratory dish, these things kill MRSA. You can read more about the specific products on our website. But this week I found myself sharing a story that brings tears to my eyes every time I tell it...and thought I ought to share it here.

The story was shared by the Nurse Aromatherapist who first urged me to develop the products. She had a patient, a young woman, six months pregnant, who developed MRSA on her inner thighs and labia. They couldn't use the normal 'anti-MRSA' Rx drugs because of possible damage to the baby. Her first... she was told she would have to have a Csection, the risk of infecting the baby was too great for a normal delivery.

The Nurse started her on our body wash and topical gel

Three months later I got an early AM phone call... the young woman had just had her little girl, by natural childbirth... the infection was GONE ... skin scrapings showed no sign of it... and she didn't have to have the Csection.

There are some times that I am SO greatful that we get to do what we do!!!


Donna Maria @ Indie Beauty said...

Marge: What a sweet, sweet story. How gratifying it must be to make a such a huge difference in someone's life simply by pursuing your passion and sharing something you love and believe in. Thanks for this note of gratitute and the reminder that you just never know the difference your efforts will make in someone else's life.

Marge said...

Every couple of weeks we'll get an email, something like that. I'm remembering the mom whose 18 month old was slated for surgery...tubes in his ears. She started diffusing Eucalyptus Smithii (or radiata, I can't remember which!) in his room at night. No more ear infections, no surgery. I think that was the FIRST time we got feedback like that, that let us know we made a difference in someone's life.

The biggest "high" in the world.