Monday, February 9, 2009


We're jumping for joy at Nature's Gift this week. Just found out that one of our synergies, Happy Morning, designed to ease morning sickness (and other types of nausea) has been passed by the
Pharmacy and Therapuetics committee at one of the hospitals we serve to be stocked by and used within the hospital.

We love it!!!! If that is not indication that this is both safe and effective, what is?

Of course to read more about Happy Morning, follow the link above. For information on the rest of the synergies offered by Nature's Gift you could start at our synergies page, and go from there.


Botany's Desire said...

Hi there, nice to see that you are still around after so many years.

I have a couple of questions. Do you have a blend that might be good to fight germs that can be picked up while in the hospital giving birth.

Also, I am looking for a blend that is good for sore muscles after cycling.



Birth Sister Doula Services said...

When I work with my clients at the hospital (I'm a birth doula), I use lavender, because it's anti-viral, antiseptic, antibiotic, and helps mama relax. Easiest is to put some on a cotton makeup remover pad and pin it to mom's hospital gown so if she gets tired of it, or it starts to make her sick (which can happen), you can easily take it out of the room.

Birth Sister Doula Services said...

Edited to add: Blending the lavender with rose, jasmine, and neroli in an unscented lotion base makes a wonderful labor lotion that my mamas just love. (the latter 3 help reduce uterine pain while making ctx stronger and more productive. jasmine also helps give mama courage for the harder moments.)

Marge said...

Don't know if you've seen the list of oils suggested for use in labor and delivery on the website. Contributions from different RN's and Doulas.

(and, yes, we've finally come up with a tiny sampler kit of all of them so a woman can try 'em before the event, to see what appeals and doesn't.)

Marge said...

Sandra, this is way overdue. If I am going to be hospitalized, I'd take our MERCY products with me! Because, of course, the biggest risk, today, in hospitalization is MRSA.

and...for the sore muscles. That's why we developed MuscleEase ;)