Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ginger to treat Chemo induced Nausea

My friend Cindy Jones, at SageScript, just posted a piece of research proving what many of us already know, that Ginger helps to prevent nausea.

Sagescript Institute & Colorado Aromatics: Ginger helps prevent nausea due to chemotherapy

Now, the research cited indicates internal use of the spice, either in capsules, or other forms.

We've seen a study indicating that ginger essential oil, by inhalation, is more effective than the standard prescription meds in dealing with post surgical nausea, and innumerable case studies indicating that Ginger Oil, by inhalation, is effective for the morning sickness that often accompanies early pregnancy. (Another useful anti-nausea essential oil is Red Mandarine, by the way, the the two together smell a cup of Mandarine Spice tea!)


Patricia said...

wonderful information, thank you. I tried to do a follow of you on Twitter and your link didn't work.
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wolfsaromatics said...

I was using the Ginger CO2, 1 drop on a sugar cube, for the Rugby guys I worked on at the games. Sometimes when they got hit really hard they would get nausea. Worked every time.