Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Memorial Day Thank You

Just listened to a country song...I forget the singer... "All gave some; Some gave all.

And I got to thinking of the friends and loved ones who gave so much of themselves in defense of our freedom.

Back in the late '60's and early 70's I was as opposed to the war in VietNam as any other child of the '60s. Which put me in a rather difficult position, because at that time I was an Army Officer's wife. We were among the blessed; my then husband and my older brother both came home safely. But I have a dear friend whose name is on that wall in Washington.

And today my country is involved in another war that I think is...not a conflict we should be fighting.

But I am reminded of all the young (and not so young) men and women who are putting themselves at risk to defend our freedom. And whether we agree with the reasons they are there or not doesn't seem to matter. They are young'uns... most of them a decade or two younger than my own children. And they have parents and children and friends and lovers here worried about them.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I want to thank all of my friends who have served in the Armed Forces... and pray that those who serve today will be kept safe, to come home safely to those who love and miss them.

I don't think I've ever written a "political" post here... first because, of course, no matter what we say about our personal beliefs, someone might get angry, and Nature's Gift could lose their business.... and, more important, because my political beliefs are a private thing, and have nothing to do with what we do here.

But... it feels very appropriate to say thank you this Memorial Day eve.


Cindy said...

Ditto Marge, I know what you mean and feel the same.

Mel said...

Billy Ray Cyrus would be the singer's name - that is a great one;-)

Whether people get offended or not, some things need to be said so that others do not forget.

Memorial Day isn't about the backyard BBQ's & beers, but about the ones who can no longer celebrate so that we can.

I pray that all of those fighting come home - whether we agree to why they are there or not! And for those who didn't make it home, God bless you and thank you for your courage...